Video Game Ninjas (Cool Adventure Book for Kids 9-12)

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Endless runner ruined by very heavy emphasis on ads. Cars: Lightning League. Get behind the wheel of fast-paced movie-based racer.

Back-To-School Books (Preschool To Sixth Grade)

Slugterra: Dark Waters. Freemium sci-fi shooter is fun but doesn't stand out. Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions. Fun action-adventure with streamlined touch controls. Familiar characters fight; kids have minimal control.

Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja (6th Grade Ninja, book 1) by Marcus Emerson

Big Hero 6: Baymax Blast. Good, but not great, tie-in with the film. Skylanders Trap Team. Transform baddies with terrific twist on toy-driven series.

2. Sonic Forces

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon. Solid game can be fun for a while but may frustrate. Pixel Gun 3D. Decent action shooter with loads of privacy concerns. Assassin's Creed Pirates. Fun times on high seas; not as violent as console games. The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Buggy, greedy tie-in to film; expect lots of fights. Last one found gets to be IT next. Flashlights are a fun addition when playing in the dark. You can find them here.

The person who is IT has to guard a can while those hiding try to run out and kick it.

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If IT catches a hider, they go to jail. The last person out of jail is the next IT. Whoever is Michelangelo takes each of the other players by the hands and spins around with them several times before letting them go. Each player than freezes as they land.

After each statue is set, Michelangelo walks through his madhouse trying to get the other players to laugh without touching them. The first to giggle or if you prefer, the last is the next Michelangelo. Mother says is a bit like Mother May I. However, instead of each player asking permission to move. There are so many ways kids can race from one side of the yard to the other: one legged, three legged, backwards, crab walk, fastest, slowest, middlest?.

Let your kids take turns calling out the race style. If you are planning for a party, you can purchase kits like the one pictured below complete with potato sacks, leg bands and awards. In this game, kids can only move when the person who is IT has their back turned. If IT is looking, you have to freeze. If IT catches you moving, you have to go back to the start.

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  3. The Ocean;

The first person to touch IT is the next IT. You can also buy pieces for this obstacle course. Use your Ninja Warrior course to train Fido? This obviously requires the right child and dog combination and maybe some supervision. You know your kids and dogs best. Reading outside is one of the simplest of solitary pleasures. Summer is a great time to start a new book series or participate in a summer reading program. This would be more fun with real binoculars , but a quiet and perceptive child can watch nature from anywhere.

Lie on the lawn and watch the birds and squirrels above. The squirrels in my backyard have a regular bedtime, and if we lie on the porch at that time, we can watch each of them come back to their nest and curl in. We found a video we liked at the library with Backyard Baseball Drills.

Drills are a good way to improve sports skills when your child is alone.

Video Game Ninjas (Cool Adventure Book for Kids 9-12)

Absolutely one of the outdoor games! A child can learn the basics of juggling in an afternoon and build on that skill all summer. Find instructional videos on YouTube and use old tennis balls or buy a kit here.

enter site A garage door may also make a good practice wall. Either way, one person can play Tennis alone against a wall. Although it can be played with others. Hopscotch is a good game to play by yourself. If you need a refresher, you can find the rules on Grandparents. The proper response when a kid tells you they are bored is a chore list — unless you like being their cruise director of life.

  • Stage for Murder (Dodie Fanshaw Mysteries Book 5).
  • Back to School Books by Grade Level.
  • The Little Money Bible;
  • However, no one says chores need to be all work. Challenge them to a potato peeling contest or offer a trip to the zoo if they help you finish your list.

    The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl (2004) - Best Scenes

    If this works for you, please let me know your techniques. Jump rope games can be fun for adults, too.

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    Take an afternoon to teach your kids these outdoor games and maybe it will stick. This game was recommended by my 7-year-old son as Snake Bite and my year-old daughter as Helicopter. One person stands in the center and spins the jump rope around on the ground. The players have to jump the rope as it comes around. If the rope hits you, you are out. The last person standing is the next helicopter or snake.