MEDICAL AND DENTAL DEDUCTIONS 2016 (Tax Bible Series 2016)

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This case from Washington State was about whether pharmacists could be forced to dispense emergency contraceptives that could cause the death of an embryo. A federal court stated they could not, but the state appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Ninth Circuit overturned the ruling. This shocking outcome not only disregards the rights of pharmacists, but the legal theories expressed by the court of appeals could be used to force healthcare professionals from all disciplines to violate their conscience or risk their license. This case has now been appealed to the U. Supreme Court, and we must overturn this decision or tens of thousands of Christians will be driven out of healthcare.

Currently, we are working with Alliance Defending Freedom on an amicus curie friend of the court brief to submit to the Supreme Court on the behalf of healthcare professionals around the country. This is such an important issue for us all. A CMDA survey revealed that 95 percent of our members would leave healthcare before violating their conscience.

That is why we are committed to protecting the healthcare right of conscience. The experiences you will have on this trip will bring you close to fulfilling that wish. Join Dr. CMDA continues to offer this trip each year because our members who have gone before say it is the most meaningful and inspiring trip they have ever taken. After being filled with wonderful insights in the Word of God, we will spend the last four days and three nights cruising the Mediterranean Sea. The group is intentionally kept small, so sign up early. The fellowship with CMDA colleagues, biblical education and inspiration will have a lasting impression.

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Member Award H. David Pope, Jr. Pope fulfilled his calling and became a practicing family physician in After graduating high school second in his class, getting his undergraduate and medical degrees from Tulane University, an internship with the Air Force, three months in. Pope continues to travel to the Texas-Mexico border for Christian missions, serves as Physician of the Day during the Texas Legislature every session and is active in his church and community.

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He is a lifetime member of CMDA. In His Image provided me with excellent medical training and also showed me how to use medicine as a ministry and see each patient as Christ does. Through the Spiritual Curriculum, Counseling Track, mentorship of exemplary faculty physicians and fellowship with like-minded residents, my heart continued to grow for those in need around me. My husband and I were encouraged and challenged to grow as a couple through weekly Bible Studies, conferences and retreats sponsored by IHI.

We believe that IHI helped equip and spur us on toward a calling God placed on our hearts serving the underserved! Register today at www.

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A diving accident in left her a quadriplegic in a wheelchair, without the use of her hands. She is an international advocate for people with disabilities. Through Revelation Movement, he focuses on discipling nations through church and internet-based education.

Patrick speaks to Christian and secular groups around the world on moral issues in medicine and culture, as well as the integration of faith and science. He previously served as a missionary doctor in Kenya helping to transform Tenwek Hospital into a premier mission healthcare facility.

As a leading spokesman for Christian healthcare professionals in America, he has conducted hundreds of television, radio and print media interviews. Stress, conflicts, problems; they are present too frequently in our personal life, family life, and workplace. The doctoral program at Oxford Graduate School grounds the students in the fundamentals of conflict resolution and problem solving.

The scholarly program inculcates a disciplined approach, enabling the student to use Christian beliefs to effect change locally and globally. The masters program uses Christian beliefs to train the student in Organizational Leadership or Family Life Education. Spending two weeks per year on campus allows the missionary, the dentist, or physician to prepare for a career change or continue current pursuits without interruption. About the Transformations in Care Conference: From the early establishment of hospitals as philanthropic endeavors to the modern era of healthcare, the context and care for the patient have evolved with ever-increasing rapidity.

Join us as we explore transformations occurring in the paradigms and practice of clinical care and clinical ethics, the rising emphasis on professionalism and spirituality, as well as prospects for the future of care through developments in precision medicine. For more information, visit www. Are your finances organized? Do you have a plan for your family? Is your investment portfolio diversified? Are you maximizing your charitable giving? Do you have financial peace of mind? Julia and Matthew Schaffer William G. Ikeler in honor of Michael R. Ikeler, MD Dr.

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William and Mrs. Adams in memory of Solomon K.

Jim McLaughlin Jeff Anderson in memory of Ronald Privette For more information about honorarium and memoriam gifts, please contact stewardship cmda. We heard many times from our national partners that the teams GHO sends are their favorite because of our love and Christ-like attitudes.

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I think that the truth of the matter is that it is both now. I have felt over the past couple of months that my purpose is to use my medical knowledge to advance the Great Commission. There was both spiritual curiosity and spiritual confusion, and I know that we. Entering dental school I was fearful for the stresses associated with a vigorous educational program and began to pray for fellow believers to encourage me along the way. Both students and professionals have impacted me in a special way.

I am encouraged daily on how to better equip myself to share the love of Christ in school and my future practice. Seeing students, faculty and professionals serve our chapter despite the time school and work requires has been wonderful.

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We want to hear from you Send your transformation story, letter or photos to communications cmda. Please include an email address for us to contact you. We were set up right outside the exam room, and as they exited their exam and looked up to see a table of food for them, you could immediately see their eyes light up. It gave us a chance to talk to a significant amount of the students one-on-one and see how things were going. These friends have made a big impact on my personal walk with Christ and my day-to-day life as I get through school.

If anything, I wish I had gotten involved earlier in my dental school career. If you want to impact our country by getting your voice heard, they will show you the bills that the Christian medical community is trying to impact by sending letters to your senators.

They have the bills, already made out letters so you type in your information and based on your zip code will actually submit to your representatives. I sent over 10 letters in maybe 10 minutes. On items such as banning abortions after 20 weeks when a developing child can feel pain, banning our tax dollars for paying for abortions, protecting the religious rights of those who do not believe in same-sex marriage and more.

We can make a difference.

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Christians are losing their rights by being silent. Your voice can be heard and can make a difference. Send your ideas to communications cmda. Two days before, she was hit by a car while crossing the road and her two front teeth were broken all the way to the nerve. It was obvious her entire body hurt, but she said the pain from her teeth was simply unbearable. I explained she would need root canals to save the teeth, but her insurance would only cover the procedure on one tooth. Thankfully, we ended up finding a way for her to be able to afford the other tooth as well.

When I saw Ms. V again after her root canals, she was free from any tooth pain and could finally talk, eat and smile again. We were able to pray for her and thank the Lord for His provision and her spirit of joy throughout the process. Not once did she complain about anything and she always greeted everyone with a warm smile.

She also now knows the Lord loves her and He brought her to us to receive the treatment she needed to save her teeth, treatment she would have been unable to afford at a private practice. This residency trains and equips dentists just like me to provide excellent dental care to the poor domestically and internationally in response to the call of Jesus to preach the gospel and heal the sick.

I have spent the last year working as a first year resident in this program, and it has been incredible to where the Lord is taking the residency. Elise Rich, DDS, and I both accepted offers to be the first residents of this program because we understand that it encompasses so much more than just dental training.