Luther and Other Leaders of the Reformation, 3rd, Enlarged Edition (With Active Table of Contents)

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Doutrin was an evangelical Dutch preacher and professor at Dort. Pictet was the Swiss professor of divinity in Geneva after Turretin. He was the last to hold the orthodox faith there before the rise of the Enlightenment. Blackwell, Sr.

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Blackwell was an early enlightenment thinker not recommended. Wishart was an influential Church of Scotland minister, professor and principal of Edinburgh University. A look at the table of contents will show that he hits many of the topics of systematic theology under these heads. Ridgley, Thomas — A Body of Divinity, vols. These were sermons preached through the Larger Catechism.

Crawford was a minister in England. Erskine, Ralph — Works , vol. This is virtually a systematic theology in poetry. Though it does not hit every topic, it does hit most. The Free Presbyterians recently reprinted the first 6 volumes, but not the seventh. Select Works, vols. While Edwards never wrote a systematic theology, he did write treatises on: Original Sin, Eschatology A History of the Work of Redemption , Predestination and Free-will, Ethics, Apologetics, and the Eternal state, and was very influential on later theologians that did write systematic theologies.

His sermons cover about every other topic not in the previous list. The 2 volume edition is handy, but if you are not satisfied and are rich , try his 26 volume complete works from Yale. Riccaltoun was one of the leading Marrow Men.

Not a whole systematic theology, but a substantial coverage. Only volume 1 is presently available, but look for further volumes in the future.

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As portions are translated, excerpts are being put up at the blog. Here is a review of the first volume by Dr. Ryan McGraw. Comrie was Dutch reformed. Brown is noted for his Biblicism: his citing of many scripture verses to establish each of his points. Venema was a professor at Franeker. Hopkins, Samuel — The System of Doctrines contained in divine revelation explained and defended, vols. Hopkins followed Jonathan Edwards and advocated for a modified Calvinism, known as the New Divinity which was erroneous on numerous points.

Sermons on Interesting Subjects , Works , vol.

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Mather was a New England, puritan minister of the older variety. Smith was an evangelical presbyterian and president of Princeton College. Joel Beeke has a very good introduction to his life and theology in the Solid Ground Christian Books reprint of this text. Alexander, Archibald, A. Alexander, in the Preface:. As it is not intended for the learned, but for plain, common readers, technical phrases and abstruse disquisitions have been avoided; yet, the author has attempted to establish every doctrine advanced, by solid arguments, derived from reason and Scripture.

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Alexander was the first professor of Old Princeton Seminary. His lectures on Theology are unavailable in any other form. A treasure. Table of Contents. Hill was a leader of the moderate party contra the evangelicals in Scotland. His textbook was widely influential, and according to Thomas Chalmers, was orthodox, though without the warm fervor that should attend evangelical doctrine.

Chalmers used the work with his students of divinity as a platform for his own lectures. His theology is sound and good. Dick, John — Lectures on Theology, vols. Dick was an orthodox Scottish professor of theology in the Secession tradition.


Excellent systematic. Belfrage was an orthodox Scottish secessionist minister. Institutes of Theology, vols. Chalmers was a moderate turned evangelical and was one of the great leaders of the Free Church of Scotland. Bogue, David — Theological Lectures, vol. Bogue was a Scot who became a congregationalist in England and wrote the 3 volume, History of the Dissenters. Woods, Leonard — Works, vol. He was an orthodox Calvinist known for his argumentation against Unitarianism. Wardlaw, Ralph — Systematic Theology, vol. The outlines themselves are very good, and the books for further reference listed at the end of each outline are even better.

Hodge was the son of Charles Hodge and followed his father as a professor of systematic theology at Princeton. Historical Theology, vol. Cunningham was one of the bright lights of the Free Church of Scotland. His historical theology covers most off the gamut of systematic theology, along with his work below on the theology of the Reformation. These lectures cover the content of chapter 1 of the Westminster Confession on Scripture. Heppe collected a compendium of quotes from early reformed sources and organized them in the fashion of a systematic theology many of which are inaccessible otherwise.

Heppe gives a special emphasis to the German Reformed tradition. Here is a helpful blog review of the book with the table of contents to the first three chapters. Popular treatments of the practical teachings of Christianity aimed to produce holiness. Below are some helpful accessories to his systematic:. Questions on the Text of the Systematic Theology of Dr. Hodge, his son and successor at Princeton. Dabney, a southern presbyterian. Oosterzee — was an orthodox Dutch professor of systematic theology at the University of Utrecht. Thornwell, James, H. The Banner of Truth edition is heavily edited.

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A systematic theology for children. Something of a plain and simple systematic theology for regular people. The book contains many systematic topics. He has some German liberal influences. Shedd, William, G. This book covers the gamut of the breadth of soteriology.


Discussions of Philosophical Questions , , pages. Many in his day desired him to write a systematic theology, but it did not happen. An important contribution.

Schaff is most well-known for his volumes on the history of the Christian Church and also his Creeds of Christendom. His denomination stemmed from the German Reformed tradition, though he was a particular proponent of the Mercersburg theology not recommended. He became a professor with the latter, and consistent with the trajectory, had some weak erroneous points in his theology, the the whole of it was mainly sound and conservative.

Denny was a professor in systematic theology and the N. He defended orthodoxy from liberalism but was willing to concede that the Bible might contain minor errors. This very significant systematic was only translated from the Dutch by Richard Gaffin in the last few years. Currently only the first three volumes are in print, but all five volumes are available on Logos , the Bible software system for a cheaper price. A major contribution to systematic theology from the Dutch church.

Bavinck is always careful, balanced and historical in his treatment of Biblical doctrines. Put down your modern systematic theologies and read a real theologian. Macpherson was an eminent professor of Free Church of Scotland. Bosma, M. Bosma was an American, Dutch reformed pastor in Grand Rapids. Various — The Fundamentals , 4 vols.

This was the foundational work of fundamentalism as a counter-response to the growing liberalism of the day. These volumes were intended to be a systematic defense of Christianity against liberal errors. It includes articles authored by leading scholars including B.