How to Generate Creative Ideas

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After one session is over, you can either continue in the reverse idea atmosphere with a new challenge or else do the reversal once more to make it stronger. The majority of industries have an orthodoxy — unspoken but deeply-held beliefs that everyone stands by for getting things done. Sadly, they fail to realize that by questioning assumptions at every step of service or product development, they can actually enable the birth of fresh possibilities and ideas. After this, they should produce 20 to 30 assumptions irrespective of whether they are true or false.

The next step is to select several assumptions from the many generated, and utilize them as idea triggers and thought starters to engender fresh ideas. Accidental genius is a relatively new technique that utilizes writing to trigger the best ideas, content and insight.

How to Have Creative Ideas

Brainwriting is easy. Instead of asking the participants to shout out ideas, they are told to pen down their ideas pertaining to a specific problem or question on sheets of paper, for a small number of minutes. After that, each participant can pass their ideas over to someone else. This someone else reads the ideas on the paper and adds some new ones. Following another few minutes, the individual participants are again made to pass their papers to someone else and so the process continues. After about 15 minutes, you or someone else can collect the sheets from them and post them for instant discussion.

This technique can be begun by asking for the unattainable and then brainstorming ideas to make it or at least an approximation of it, a reality. Start by making the wishes tangible. There should be collaboration among the members of the team to produce 20 to 30 wishes pertaining to your business.

There should be no restrictions on thinking. The next step is concentrating on a number of these unattainable wishes and utilizing them as creative stimuli to trigger ideas that are new but more practical. Mattimore suggests getting the team to challenge the problem from diverse perspectives imagine how a person from another planet or from another industry or profession would view it or reflect on it. This type of role playing assists with moving away from conventional thinking patterns to see fresh possibilities.

How I actually get my "ORIGINAL" Ideas

If employees only hang around with colleagues and friends, they could find themselves in a thinking rut. Let them utilize all those LinkedIn connections to begin some fantastic conversations. Refreshing perspectives will assist with bringing out new thinking and probably, one or two lightning bolts. Socializing in the context of ideation can also be about talking to others on topics that have nothing whatsoever to do with the present problem. As the term indicates, collaboration is about two or more people joining hands in working for a common goal.

Designers frequently work in groups and engage in collaborative creation in the course of the whole creative process. As is quite clear from this blog, the era of boring, conventional idea generation is long gone and it is time to embrace fun and innovative ideation techniques. As mentioned earlier, the more creative the thinking process, the wackier and probably, better the ideas and solutions we can expect. E-mail is already registered on the site. Please use the Login form or enter another. You entered an incorrect username or password. The world is changing quickly.

Even in a city that has roots in the earliest parts of history, the …. Have you ever noticed that some people seem to be succeeding without struggles?

5 Quick Ways to Generate Ideas | Creativeans

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Creativity and Productivity

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Idea Generation Techniques from Hershey Desai. Pin However, although this is such an easy and intuitive tool to use, the obvious combinations are likely to be very competitive. Although generating ideas is often the easy part of innovation, collecting and managing them can be challenging without a proper tool.

Because people often come up with new ideas then and there, they should be able collect these ideas right when they arise. This method works well when you just want to make notes for your own use. If you need to involve more people in your ideation process , you might want to consider a dedicated idea management tool to make sure all of the potential ideas are collected in one place. An idea management tool serves as the backbone of your idea management process.

Managing ideas via a dedicated tool is only as effective as the underlying process behind it. To make ideation a continuous habit, you should build a process that makes generating and refining new ideas easy. Too complex processes will only frustrate users, so don't try to make it too complicated. Before engaging more people to use these tools and techniques for generating more ideas, there are a few more tips that can help you get more out of your ideation methods.

Before you start, try to gather as much information about the problem as possible to get to the heart of the problem. Identify what you already know about it and what information is still needed. For your ideation to be as productive as possible, it is important to involve the right people to the process.

Engage those people who know about the topic and are genuinely interested in making a change in your organization. If your plan is to engage a larger group of people to generate ideas, make sure your audience is relevant and well informed on the subject. Communicating that any idea is a good idea may hinder creativity, so make sure your goals are ambitious and specific enough. One way to get more of actually creative ideas from your audience is to set constraints. Without constraints, people typically come up with small suggestions for improvement with little or no creativity.

Quantity versus quality

The purpose of generating new ideas is about improving what already exists as well as coming up with something new. Often when trying to solve a problem or approaching a new opportunity, people use existing solutions or mental models instead of trying to come up with new ones. The goal is to get new ideas and even unexpected ideas by physically working through a situation, as a group. The way to body storm is just to get up and do it. The point is to act out an idea and evaluate the decisions that occur during physically testing it.

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  5. This is a great method for visual learners and can double as a team building exercise. Try bodystorming in a variety of surroundings to develop a different perspective. Cross-pollination is a powerful way to help generate ideas. The idea behind cross-pollination is bringing together people from different backgrounds, specialties, and cultures to work together on solving a business-related issue.

    The varied perspectives offer insight that even the best member of a single group could not develop individually. As a bonus, cross-pollination helps to create unity and understanding between departments. Invaluable, though frequently overlooked in our fast-paced culture, simple observation is a quick and highly effective way to generate ideas.

    It can be done anywhere, anytime, by anyone.