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There, he befriends all of the misfits in his class as they collide with the repressive faculty and discover the opposite sex as they come of age. Its a new intimate tiny drive-in next to our main one. Serving only 8 cars and up to 15 walk-in's for a very special intimate drive-in screening experience that harkens back to our beginnings when we were truly truly mini! Inspired by the Blue Starlite Creators original location that catered to only 8 cars a night, this new space at the Blue Starlite was recreated to bring back that original Blue Starlite experience from 8 years ago- how it all started!

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How two high-school tennis teammates had their collegiate dreams upended.

Drive-in: Heaven Help Us. Danni's fountain shop is raided numerous times by the Brothers, who wish to catch St. Basil's students misbehaving. The raids leave the shop in a shambles. After one raid, Dunn helps Danni clean things up, sparking a romance.

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At the sacrament of confession , Caesar enters the confessional, but Father Abruzzi Wallace Shawn becomes preoccupied with another student's misbehavior. Rooney enters the priest's booth and hears Caesar's confession, giving him the penance of befriending Rooney and making sure he gets passing grades. As a result, Caesar tutors and befriends Rooney.

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The relationship between Dunn and Danni further develops, culminating in a passionate kiss. One day, during one of the Brothers' routine raids, Danni takes a stand and locks them out. The Brothers leave, but later contact social services. A few days later, Dunn and his friends see police cars and a few of the Brothers surrounding the soda fountain door as Danni's father is led out in handcuffs.

Dunn rushes in and finds that social workers are preparing to take Danni away. A shaken Dunn takes Danni in his arms.

Weeping, she wants him to promise that he won't be sad over her departure. An angry Rooney develops another prank with the help of Caesar, Williams and Corbett. The boys sneak onto school grounds and decapitate the statue of St. During an assembly the next day, Rooney presents Dunn with a duffel bag containing the missing head. Brother Constance shows up, knowing that he has found the vandals.

The boys are taken into the gym, where Constance hits Corbett and Williams with a leather strap in an attempt to extract a confession. Caesar presents Constance with a doctor's note, presumably to exempt him from corporal punishment. Constance drags the cowering Caesar to the floor, beating him with the strap. Dunn shoves Constance to the floor and then flees, with the Brother and the other boys following him.

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The chase ends in the auditorium during the assembly. Constance backhands Dunn and calls him a bastard. Dunn delivers an uppercut to Constance, knocking him to the floor and causing pandemonium as the student body rises to its feet and cheers.

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Thadeus suspends all five boys for two weeks. He then presents Constance with an order that he be transferred to another assignment where he will not work with children. The five boys walk out of the school downtrodden, but then joyfully realize that they will not have to attend school for two weeks. The story was originally written in as a masters thesis by Charles Purpura, a student at NYU , who had attended Catholic boys' schools. An NYU teacher showed the script, first called Catholic Boys , to producer Dan Wigutow, who tried unsuccessfully to interest production companies in it.

Purpura dropped out of NYU and was fired from his job at a lithography shop for union organizing. He was denied unemployment benefits because his nighttime screenwriting was considered potentially lucrative employment, so he filed for bankruptcy, borrowed money and headed for India. The script was read by producer Mark Carliner, who wanted to finance further work on it.

Wigutow had to contact Purpura in India via telegram. The writer began doing further drafts. Carliner then met Michael Dinner, a former recording artist who had just made a film at the American Film Institute, a version of Nathaniel West 's Miss Lonelyhearts which had aired on American Playhouse. By the time the plane landed in Europe, Singer had agreed to finance Catholic Boys. Tri-Star came on to distribute.

Dinner said "When you're a new director you hear from a lot of people that you're a genius but it doesn't mean very much. I was happy to be getting any firm assignment. Dinner said "I came into this very idealistically, wanting to discover eight brand new faces who could play 16 and 17 year olds. But it didn't work out that way. He spent four months looking for actors around the country, including Boston and Philadelphia, but ended up casting them all out of New York via their agents.

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What happens in Los Angeles is that even the good ones come off like Valley kids. Mary Stuart Masterson was cast after Michael Dinner saw a tape she had made at the Sundance Institute, where Masterson had spent two summers in an acting company.

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The film was in production when she was cast and Masterson would rehearse on weekends with Dinner and McCarthy. Filming took nine weeks. The Church of St.