Dinosaurs and Creation: Questions and Answers

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By adding up the ages of Adam, his sons, their sons, and so on, we see that the Earth is about 6, years old. Can you think of an event in the Bible where tons and tons of water flooded the whole Earth? The mother read the question to her three sons. They answered correctly. It was at this point that I should have introduced myself.

Instead I followed them to another exhibit, this one quite unlike those devoted to dinosaur apologetics. His older brother is looking at internet pornography and has a bag of drugs. Sitting with Ken Ham and Terry Mortenson, a historian of geology and a theologian on staff, I asked why it is so important to convince their visitors—more than 2 million since the museum opened seven years ago—that Genesis is a book of history. So our emphasis is on the slippery slope regarding authority. Did he ever wake up in the morning and have doubts about the truth of the Bible?

Mortenson stayed on the subject of gay marriage. Genesis says that God created marriage between one man and one woman. As I said goodbye, the co-founder of the museum, Mark Looy, brought me a shopping bag filled with books making the case for Young Earth creationism. As I left the museum, I saw the same family I had been trailing in the exhibit.

I introduced myself to the mother.

Creation Museum

We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. Proponents of other religious beliefs about the Universe's origins—including old Earth creationism , theistic evolution , and intelligent design —have said that its rejection of scientific consensus damages the credibility of Christianity and its adherents. Tenets of young Earth creationism enjoy substantial support among the general population in the United States, however, contributing to the museum's popularity. The museum is controversial and has received much commentary from cultural observers and the museum community.

Scholars of museum studies , like Gretchen Jennings, have said that creationist exhibitions lack "valid connection with current worldwide thinking on their chosen discipline" and with "human knowledge and experience," and are not in their view museums at all. The Creation Museum portrays a literal interpretation of the creation narrative from the Book of Genesis in the Bible, known as young Earth creationism YEC , the viewpoint advocated by Answers in Genesis AiG , the creation apologetics organization that owns and operates the museum.

We're not out to convert people to not believe in evolution. And we're not out to just convert people to being Creationists. We're Christians. YEC, the belief that the God of the Bible created the Universe and everything in it in six hour days, approximately 6, years ago, contradicts the scientific consensus that the Earth is approximately 4. From the time AiG was founded in Florence, Kentucky , in , the group's officials planned to open a museum and training center in the area.

Really, America is. In May , AiG purchased land for an undisclosed price and expected to begin construction in March Approximately 4, patrons and protestors visited the museum on opening day, and the event was covered by international media outlets. Across the street from the museum, scientists, educators, students, and atheists protested at a "Rally for Reason" organized by Edwin Kagin , the Kentucky state director of American Atheists.


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The Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau used the museum's opening as part of their overall strategy to attract religious group conventions, which accounted for significant amounts of visitor spending in the area. In October , the Kentucky Department of Transportation erected four signs along highways near the museum bearing Kentucky's "Unbridled Spirit" logo and directing motorists to the museum's location, prompting concern from some residents about the separation of church and state.

Lynn , executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State , as saying it was a "close call" as to whether the signs violated the separation of church and state. AiG had projected that the museum would have , visitors in its first year of operation, but officials said that number was achieved in just over five months. In Slate. In , AiG reported that in the year since its other attraction, the Ark Encounter , opened, the Creation Museum saw over , visitors, nearly triple the annual average of , visitors.

Outside the main structure are walking trails and a 5-acre 0. Crawley", tells visitors that, due to the variation and complexity of bug species, they could not have evolved naturally but must have been created by God. Dinosaurs are prominently featured in many areas of the museum. Prior to the museum's opening, Ham stated, "We're putting evolutionists on notice: We're taking the dinosaurs back They're used to teach people that there's no God, and they're used to brainwash people. Evolutionists get very upset when we use dinosaurs.

Since , the museum has displayed the skeleton of a foot 9. The museum is also critical of evolutionary theory that links dinosaurs with bird evolution. The second room of the Creation Museum, for example, displays a model prehistoric Utahraptor , stating that the species was featherless and had no connection to birds, referring to Genesis 1, which states that birds were created before the advent of land animals.

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Visitors to the museum are directed through a sequential series of rooms. After leaving the corridor, visitors enter a room designed to resemble a decaying urban alley full of graffiti and littered with newspaper clippings about the legalization of abortion, same-sex marriage, and euthanasia.

What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?

The second series of rooms depict a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis, arranged around the concept of "The Seven C's of History": creation, corruption, catastrophe, confusion, Christ, cross, and consummation. The exhibit on corruption shows Adam and Eve eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil , resulting in the fall of man. The "catastrophe", an allusion to the Great Flood recounted in Genesis chapters 6 through 9, is represented by animatronic figures constructing Noah's Ark and an interactive exhibit that allows visitors to select frequently asked questions about Noah's Ark and have them answered audibly by an animatronic Noah.

The post-flood world is presented in the next room as a time when man began to rely solely on human reasoning, resulting in "confusion". The final three C's—Christ, cross, and consummation—are presented in a single room where visitors wait before entering a theater to view The Last Adam , a film where actors representing Mary, the mother of Jesus , and an unnamed Roman soldier describe their experiences during the crucifixion of Jesus.

The tour continues in the "Dinosaur Den", which contains models of dinosaurs with attached signage explaining their lives from the YEC viewpoint. In addition to exhibits, the museum hosts a variety of special programs and events. Many focus on creationist concepts or more broadly on Christian themes and teachings. In December , the Cincinnati Zoo discontinued a cross-promotion it had planned with the Creation Museum after offering the deal for less than three days, citing "numerous complaints".

The blog requested donations to send a "flamboyantly gay" couple to the event. Later one of the men admitted he wasn't gay and said that he was curious to see if the museum would let them in.

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The Bill Nye—Ken Ham debate was one of the most publicized events at the museum. Ham challenged Nye to come to the museum to debate YEC and whether creationism is a viable model of origins. CNN 's Tom Foreman moderated the debate. The museum is controversial and has received much criticism from the scientific and religious communities, as well as cultural commentators.

It is not simply the museum's anti-evolution message that fascinates people. Even more compelling is how the Creation Museum actually conveys that message. By coupling the physical form of a traditional natural history museum with a radical community-based agenda, the Creation Museum empowers and gives public voice to a community that perceives itself as threatened, disenfranchised, and misrepresented by mainstream culture.

In the introduction to their book Righting America at the Creation Museum , Susan and William Trollinger noted "the Creation Museum lies squarely within the right side of the American cultural, political, and religious mainstream He added that the museum was "designed for a fundamentalist Christian crowd" and was "no friend to those who do not hold to its creationist tenets", also containing "what can only be described as a house of horrors about the dangers of abortion and drugs and the devil's music". However, the quality of information is worthless, which makes the 'museum' nothing more than an expensive way to confuse and indoctrinate children.

Gill , a British writer and critic, described the museum as "battling science and reason since ", writing: "This place doesn't just take on evolution — it squares off with geology, anthropology, paleontology, history, chemistry, astronomy, zoology, biology, and good taste. It directly and boldly contradicts most -onomies and all -ologies, including most theology. I think there's a lot of focus on fear, and I don't think that's a very Christian message I find it a malicious manipulation of the public.

The Creation Museum's promotion of YEC has garnered criticism from individuals who adhere to old Earth creationism or theistic evolution. In his review of the museum for The New York Times , columnist Edward Rothstein wrote, "It is a measure of the museum's daring that dinosaurs and fossils—once considered major challenges to belief in the Bible's creation story—are here so central, appearing not as tests of faith, as one religious authority once surmised, but as creatures no different from the giraffes and cats that still walk the earth.

Before the museum's opening, about 2, educators signed a statement written by the Campaign to Defend the Constitution DefCon calling the museum part of a "campaign by the religious right to inject creationist teachings into science education ". We would not protest the museum. However, we are concerned that we not mislead young people inadvertently or intentionally about what science is showing. Dinosaurs were featured prominently in AiG's billboard advertising campaign which targeted metropolitan areas in 25 states.

Helens , chemist William Watkin declared, "Everything they said about sediment deposition, about Mount St. In August , Daniel Phelps, president of the Kentucky Paleontological Society, criticized the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau for describing the museum on its web site as a " 'walk through history' museum that will counter evolutionary natural history museums that turn countless minds against Christ and Scripture".

Rex was a vegetarian that lived with Adam and Eve. No matter how ludicrous it is, that's a legitimate exercise of religious freedom. These creationist field trips, however, are not.

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No matter how steep the discount, public schools can't afford to miseducate our kids with religious pseudoscience like creationism. Writing in the journal Argumentation and Advocacy , authors Casey Kelly and Kristen Hoerl point out that "physical remnants are not available as evidence for events described in the Book of Genesis Consequently, the Creation Museum demonstrates the materiality of creationist thinking through its display of objects that are, by and large, created for the museum or manufactured recently. Gretchen Jennings, editor of Exhibitionist , wrote that creationist museums like the Creation Museum are not museums at all, and said that if they applied for accreditation as museums, their applications should be denied.

The museum operates as a division of Answers In Genesis. In about people including a chaplain worked at the museum, and another people worked at the attached Answers in Genesis headquarters. The statement of faith includes "Scripture teaches a recent origin for man and the whole creation", "the only legitimate marriage is the joining of one man and one woman", "the great Flood of Genesis was an actual historic event", and "no apparent, perceived or claimed evidence in any field, including history and chronology, can be valid if it contradicts the Scriptural record".

And the fact that it was being done with such obvious sincerity, somehow made it all the worse.

A science test from a South Carolina school questioned 4th graders about dinosaurs and the Bible.

In February , a crew filming footage for comedian Bill Maher 's anti-religious documentary Religulous toured the museum, and arranged for Maher to interview Ken Ham without Ham knowing in advance that Maher would be the interviewer. We even had a fake title for the film. We called it 'A Spiritual Journey'.