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He cut me off 45 with his answer to my question, as he did my friend Dan. As we will see, Jewish believers existed for over three hundred years in the fourth century until they were completely shut out by the rabbis. This is substantiated by a popular Israeli magazine! The tombstones of Jewish believers in Jesus have been discovered at the base of the Mount of Olives. They were identifiable from the Jewish symbols and Christian inscriptions in Greek and Hebrew and are now located in the Basilica of Dominus Flevit Franciscan.

The ancient Israeli towns of Anea and Yettra were whole cities composed almost completely of Jewish believers in Jesus. In 66 C. They subsequently moved northward, to the Bashan and eastern Golan. Two major groups were the Ebionites and the Nazarenes. Both clung to Jewish practices such as circumcision and Sabbath observance, but regarded Jesus as the Messiah Dauphine believes she has found Ebionite remains from as late as the fourth century on the Golan.

Aquila's Greek version of the Hebrew Bible

Humanity is posed with an interesting question. Why did the leaders of the very people who wrote the apocalyptic literature want to cover them up? We also ask why Jews have not had an apocalyptic end-time teaching within mainstream Judaism for the last nineteen centuries? While there is ample teaching in the Bible for the Jews to look forward to the apocalyptic signs of the end as witnessed by this book, the Baptist Church and Dallas Theological Seminary teachings on the Old Testament , there is no significant emphasis on these exciting hopes at all within Orthodox or Conservative Judaism throughout the world.

The only small exception to this rule lies within a few hard to find works noted in some of the writings of obscure rabbis, which are mainly glossed over in the Diaspora. They even have a library which specializes in the subject called the Rav Cook Library of Jerusalem. However, every rabbi I questioned in the U. If the Messiah comes, He comes! Ginzberg has pointed out that in the entire rabbinic literature of the first six centuries there is not a single quotation from the extant apocalyptic literature; because of this it has sometimes been too readily assumed that rabbinic Judaism would have nothing whatever to do with the teaching and ideals contained in these books.

Thus, this once-popular literature was discontinued and the ideas which it perpetuated were rejected as dangerous and heretical. Thus, they were a challenge both to rabbinic authority and to the safety of the State. Another, and perhaps decisive, factor in the decline of apocalyptic would be the rapid growth of Christianity and the adoption and adaptation by the Church of many Jewish apocalyptic writings whose messianic and eschatological teachings were eminently suitable for the purpose of Christian propaganda With the return of more peaceful times the original Hebrew and Aramaic texts would be no longer in existence.

Such books as survived would owe their survival to the fact that they had already been translated into other languages, and such apocalyptic ideas as persisted within rabbinic Judaism would be the result of oral transmission. This attempted solution is only a guess and cannot be proven; but it underlines the fact that, for whatever reason, the apocalyptic books were perpetuated not in the original Hebrew and Aramaic tongues but in Greek and in the many other languages of the Dispersion.

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By reason of the antipathy of many rabbis to them and because they were no longer available for study in their original texts, it was inevitable that they should at last fall out of use [among Jews]. Bousset, in his book, Antichrist Legend, A Chapter in Christian and Jewish Folklore , quotes from many translated apocalyptic writings.

To conclude our comments regarding all of the attempts to destroy and cover up certain original apocalyptic writings dealing with predicted future events, 56 we would like to ask you a question. If the New Testament was hunted down and destroyed in its original Hebrew editions, could this be the reason why we have been unable as of yet to discover the original 57 Hebrew New Testament, which is the question of the century? Fragments of an original document have been found and many wait for the original Hebrew New Testament to reappear from archaeological excavations in Israel.

A name can contain incredible blessings or horrendous incantations.

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In our case, we are dealing with the greatest name known in history, which was mutilated by the early rabbis through the removal of the last letter. In order to obscure its true meaning, they attempted to transform the greatest name into the worst curse. The only difference in the two words in Hebrew is the soft au pronounced at the end. This may sound strange to those unfamiliar with the Hebrew language. All Hebrew words stem from roots usually containing three letters. Each consonant has eleven vowel sounds.

The words built from the roots are changed by adding prefixes and suffixes and changing the vowel sounds. A minor change can completely alter the meaning of a word. The words neshek and nesheka are an example.

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May they apologize. Quite a few modern Israelis are unaware of the true meaning of Yeshu. Thus the rabbis have deceived nearly all of Israel from the first century to the present day with this false acronym.

For instance, the noted authority, Professor Joseph Klausner, 58 is one of those who denies this. Israel, like all other nations of the world, has the right to know the true name of Jesus, whether the religious like it or not! It is ironic that the nations of the earth generally know when and why Jesus came while it is forbidden for Israelis to look into it, according to the religious minority. Many say no! Additional evidence that this abbreviated name, Yeshu , was intended to be a curse has been documented by the Jewish scholar, Dr.

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Arthur Kac, who believes in Jesus. It became customary to alter His name by omitting one Hebrew letter. Thus the name Yeshua became Yeshu, which was meant to represent an anagram for a malediction. I have had the opportunity to show many Israelis what this name really means.


For quite a while, I carried a photocopy of the Hebrew dictionary documentation around in my briefcase. In Hebrew symbology, they are in a sense, deliberately blinding themselves to the true meaning of the word by removing the letter for sight. The fact that Jesus was named [wvy, Yeshua after Joshua see Neh.

When Israelis are shown Messianic prophecies like Isaiah 53, Micah and Zechariah , they realize that they cannot, in good conscience, refer to their Messiah in this way, suspecting that one day they may very well stand before Him. If Jesus is the Messiah, they do not want to continue using a curse to describe Him. After realizing what it means, they become more sympathetic with the life and person of Jesus and curiosity causes many to open their Bible and see who He really is. Once they see that He is the Messiah, as He claimed, they become disgusted with the rabbinical sages who deceived them into calling the Messiah by their curse of Yeshu.

Thus, many Israelis, after realizing all that has been hidden from them as we have documented in the last few pages , become indifferent to the rabbis and begin to study the Bible on their own, to find out what it really says about the truth and their Messiah. Anyone outside of Israel and rabbinical circles, who does not know Hebrew has probably never heard the word Yeshu. This name is virtually unknown, with the exception of a few English-speaking, American, Canadian and European Orthodox Jewish groups, which use this name in the Diaspora form of Yesheka.

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Most of them know its meaning. It is part of the anti-missionary and anti-Jews for Jesus campaign, which is drilled into the heads of orthodox students in yeshivas the world over. However, their numbers pale when compared to the whole of world Jewry. One rabbi told me that there are many more Jews for Jesus than there are Jews in all of the yeshivas 67 in the world.

It is worth noting that not only does the Hebrew edition of the New Testament call Jesus Yeshua , Rabbi Abarbanel, a famous Jewish sage who did not believe in Jesus, also called him Yeshua [wvy. If the Orthodox Jews were made aware of this fact, then quite possibly most of them would cease to persist in calling Him by the name Yeshu? So tell them! However, in spite of the orthodox religious zeal to strike the true name of Jesus from Israel, there is apparently a slow but growing awareness within Israeli culture that His true name is really Yeshua , and not Yeshu.

Bruce, The Spreading Flame , p. This was certainly the case already in the second century when Aquila flourished. The Septuagint, it is true, was originally made by Jews for Jews, but it was adopted as the inspired Bible of the Church. It is freely quoted in the New Testament, and it contained certain renderings which became objectionable to Jewish sentiment because of the use made of them in sectarian [Messianic Jewish] controversies For that century was the one which saw the birth and early growth of the Christian Church which adopted the Septuagint as its very own, as its one and only Bible.

Abrahams, B. Bruce, The Spreading Flame , pp. In the great uprising of the Jews under the Messiah-prophet Bar-Kokhba , Jerusalem fell into the hands of the rebels; and even during the Bar-Kokhba revolt the Christians had much to suffer at their hands II, pp. On this crucial point in the controversy between Jews and Christians comp. Philadelphia: College of Hebrew and Cognate Learning, , pp. We thank our friend Roy Ioannides, an expert in Greek, for clarifying the meaning of hjleimmevno" and a;povkrufo"; two very difficult and ancient Greek words.