A Walking Tour of Chicago - The Loop (South End) (Look Up, America!)

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Space Needle at least? Those chemicals were often stored onsite in poorly-constructed and poorly-reinforced storage tanks that leaked their contents into the ground and into groundwater tables. A surprisingly large number of these sites, still designated as Superfund sites, have yet to be cleaned up and remediated.

So parts of Silicon Valley might indeed count as tourist destinations that are also Superfund sites. I agree. Hanford is neat and all, but certainly not the top of anything. If one wanted to stay way from traffic and still see something worthwhile, at least go see Mt Rainier or Mt St Helens. Mt Rainier one can get to if you are going north from Portland then cut in and keep going east to Yakima or if you are going west, go to Yakima, cut over to Mt Rainier and then down to the Portland area. The Washington Sate stop is in Seattle.

Seattle sucks. Gee Jaynie the comment was made 2 years ago when there was a jungle, but thanks anyway for showing everyone what a hateful intolerant progressive bitch you are.

Rainier NP, Mt. My one experience with the eastern side was not good, I could not believe it was so different and so downright blah. There is much more to see at Hanford than leaking radioactive waste. It is a must see for anyone interested in the history of the 20th century. The B Reactor is one of the most historic buildings at Hanford and marks an important point in technology.

50 Best Things to Do in Chicago (IL)

There are two tours available the, full site tour that takes a day, and the B Reactor tour that takes about 4 hours. You stop at the B Reactor on the full tour but you spend more time there on the stand alone tour. I have been on both and they are both very interesting. Still, Hanford is one of the least significant places in Washington. When you consider how many new species of critters have been found in the Hanford Reach National Monument, the historical significance of the area to local native tribes, the geologic history of the Rattlesnake hills, and much much more, it is just as significant as all those you listed.

It is not as significant, scenic-wise. Rainier, North Cascades, St. Helens, Adams, Enchantment Lakes, etc. If you are replying to me I was not suggesting it was the 1 place to go just that it is a historically significant site and a very interesting place to visit particularly if you have an interest in science or history.

Mary Hill is a Marvel and you won;t have to come all the way to the Puget Sound.

Grand Coulee Dam is another good choice. Yeah, San Fran cable cars are so much better to see that Yosemite or Redwoods.

2. Skydeck

And why go out of the way in Texas to visit the Alamo, when they could have stopped much more easily at Cadillac Ranch and saved a lot of miles. Certainly as interesting as some of the other crap they visited! The Alamo is a much better tourist stop than the goofy Cadillac Ranch.

Chicago Detours Adventure - Loop Interior Architecture Walking Tour with Pedway

The fight for freedom at the Alamo was the fight for the right and the freedom to create something as goofy as Cadillac Ranch. America the Beautiful. I am not sure if you read below grade level or just skimmed the article, but I recommend reading it again. I suggest you get a reading buddy this time. Your position may be valid, but you could have stated it without the ad hominem attack and the foul language. Did you not read the article before you commented? Besides, oh ignorant one, there is far more to the Hanford Site than what you appear to think.

Really cool stuff, Randy. Keep it up! Eureka Springs is not a stop in Arkansas? It is the best Victorian era town in the South, and has a colorful history. There is a perfectly decent bypass, 89T, that goes through the Navajo reservation, and it would probably make the trip even more direct, but I would hate for someone to start out this awesome road trip and get stuck in the first day!

Could you write a programme that will tell you the cost of car hire fuel, motels, sites and food cause that would be even more awesome? This would be a great promotion for Tesla and a lucky data scientist would get a cool ride. Do you think it be possible to attack this problem with R and the lpSolve package? The island itself is part of New York, though the surrounding waters belong to New Jersey. All NHLs. Yup, better sites that are in NY. Well most are, Holland Tunnel is partially in NJ at its eastern terminus. Liberty is clearly within the state boundaries of NJ, read a map.

You can read the Compact or the recent Supreme Court ruling for history or clarification. Man, this map is so awesome! This inspired me, from Brazil, to go to the US asap and rent a Motorhome to enjoy that road trip. And clean air and water. And war. And, you can solve those problems too, right?


Look Up, Chicago! A Walking Tour of The Loop (South End)

Thanks for putting it together. Ha, thanks for the ego boost! Hanford Site, WA? I think you mean every state in the continental united states. It is very interesting to see how the climate changes. The East is temperate. The West is desert. I hate to burst your bubMicrosoftshave been using Microsoft Streets and Trips for at least 20 years to do all of this and more.

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I have never run into a limitation on waypoints. You can schedule start and stop times for each leg of the journey. If you update construction data it will inform you of the trouble areas.

The Buckingham Hotel

Rerouting is a simple click and drag the line to a different location. You can search for every type of point of interest around any location or along your route. You can even put in the price of fuel and the type of milage you get on the highway and city also the size of your gas tank. It will then tell you about when you need to fill up and the total cost of the trip. I use Google Maps on my phone but I always plan a lengthy trip first with Microsofts program.

Also, the fault is one of the least interesting things in the state.

Millennium and Grant Parks Walking Tour Map

I noticed same problem. Also, the pin is located a good distance east of the San Andreas fault, which runs along CA highway 25 in a set of fairly obvious fault-created valleys. The route should have cut over Highway James Dean was killed where 46 crosses the fault, at an intersection that is necessitated by the roads following the fault-generated topography. A James Dean memorial is nearby: two birds with one stone!

50 Coolest Neighbourhoods to Visit Right Now | World’s Coolest Neighbourhoods

Before committing to this trip, do some serious research on what you want to see! The same goes for Tennessee — Nashville beats Memphis handily. I think Randal intended it more as a fun exercise than as an actual recommendation for a trip. And then there is the museum created in the hotel where Martin Luther King was murdered. Do not skip Memphis; if you feel you need to visit other places simply add them!

You do NOT want to miss Memphis. In fact, I really enjoyed it a lot better than Nashville.