A Victory for Kregen (Dray Prescot Book 22)

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  6. x8 s Dray Prescot Alan Burt Akers books Antares Kregen Scorpio.

Bulmer was also active in science fiction fandom, and in the s he edited nine issues of the New Writings in Science Fiction anthology series in succession to John Carnell, who originated the series. About Publish Join Sign In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. The twenty-second book of the chronicle of Dray Prescot, and the final volume of the Jikaida Cycle. The ending of Prescot's stark adventures as a living chess piece in the city of blood games was to be as terrifying as the perils that had gone before.

Because now that transposed Earthman had to fight his way back to his embattled Vallian homeland across a sky full of danger and a sea full of death.

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And when he returned - if he could - he would find the combat joined, his son at doom's door, his troops up against superior odds, and a battle he must personally fight that would be two battles in two different places at the same time! A Victory for Kregen is the twenty-second book of the Dray Prescot series and the fourth and last book of the Jikaida Cycle.

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A Victory for Kregen

About Alan Burt Akers. The remaining land masses, in the opposite hemisphere, are little known.

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Most of the land masses forming Paz are separated by narrow seas, indicating that in geologically recent times it was a supercontinent , since broken apart by tectonic forces. The continents of Paz are fairly compact in comparison to those of Earth, without connecting land bridges.

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They include Turismond to the northwest, Segesthes to the northeast, Loh in the center, and Havilfar to the southeast. Turismond and Havilfar both contain large inland seas similar to the Mediterranean.

Of the continents and continental islands of the opposite hemisphere, the only one named in the series is the continent of Gah , mentioned in Transit to Scorpio as a place of distasteful sexual customs an obvious dig at another sword and planet series, the Gor series of John Norman. At some time in the past Kregen was apparently seeded with intelligent life-forms from many other worlds by either the Star Lords or the Savanti for whom see below , or both, presumably by the same mysterious means by which Prescot is brought to the planet.

In Paz the dominant species is usually the human race, known locally as Apim. Other intelligent species are known collectively as Diffs. The opposite hemisphere is apparently dominated by Shanks , savage fish-headed sea-raiders who periodically ravage the peripheral coastlands of Paz.

More primitive areas marginalized from the civilized belt by geography or topography include the Great Plains of Segesthes, the Hostile Territories of Eastern Turismond, the Wild Lands of north central Havilfar, and the jungles of South Pandahem and central Loh. The series features the story of Earthman Dray Prescot , an English sailor of Nelson 's navy, and his miraculous teleportation to the planet Kregen.

[Dray Prescot 22] • A Victory for Kregen by Akers, Alan Burt -- Imperial Library of Trantor

There he is trained as an agent for the mysterious Savanti , an apparently benevolent secret society devoted to improving the lot of humanity among the many intelligent species of Kregen. The Savanti are the guardians of a miraculous pool which both heals wounds and extends life, similar to the Fountain of Youth in Earth legend.

Prescot falls from grace for using this pool to heal Delia , an injured supplicant to the Savanti, and incidentally the princess of the island empire of Vallia. Returned to Kregen through the agency of the Star Lords , an even more mysterious rival group of unknown motivations, Prescot becomes a pawn in their schemes, sent willy-nilly to various locations on the planet to serve their ends and capriciously returned to Earth when his task is done or when he manages to offend them.

Despite this handicap he usually rises to a position of power in whatever society he is thrust into, and is able to renew and further his relationship with Delia. Eventually they are able to wed and found a family. Supposed gaps in the tapes allow the author the opportunity of occasional jumps in the narrative, leaving teasing mysteries for the reader as to just what might have happened in between.

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The cycles into which the sequence is divided form substories within the overall storyline, sometimes arranged topically and sometimes by setting. These sequences include:. Prescot learns more of the rival Star Lords and Savanti as the series progresses, though their mysteries are never fully resolved. This volume was never completed by Bulmer, and remains an unpublished fragment. Note: as later volumes were originally published only in German, for the sake of completeness both English and German titles are provided. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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