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Miller, Todd. Morgan, Bill.

Neruda, Pablo. Niedzviecki, Hal. Ocampo, Silvina. Parenti, Michael.

Poetry Collection Reflects On Raleigh, City Life

Rare Books. Rice, Felicia. Rustin, Bayard.

George The Poet x Bodhi - My City

San Francisco Poet Laureates. Sikelianos, Eleni. Wise, Tim. Expanded edition of the City Lights classic of eco-feminist-Zen Beat poetry.

First collection of Lowry's poetic canon, including most of the Mexican verses related to his novel, Under the Volcano. The volume that launched City Lights' iconic Pocket Poets Series, Lawrence Ferlinghetti's first collection of poems, in an anniversary edition. A comprehensive selection from Ferlinghetti's famed City Lights Pocket Poets Series, published on the 60th anniversary of its founding.

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Exquisite 50th anniversary hardcover gift edition of the groundbreaking poetry collection by the leader of the "New York School" of poetry. An autobiographical masterpiece by a prominent Beat poet, who Ferlinghetti has deemed "one of the greats. Two new books from the classic Beat period: mystical poems by Philip Lamantia and the long-lost "Six Gallery" poems by legendary hipster John Hoffman.

Think big and think teeny

A tender, moving, and multi-layered portrait of the pain, loneliness and permanent nostalgia of exile. All rights reserved. Glave, Thomas Goodman, Melvin A. We live, your Honour,. The old horrors continue to horrify.

Run through your senses

Our usual injuries will injure us again, the pin repeats itself to a popped balloon, the ashes cherish their fire. Yet evidence suggests a bouquet of flowers can't tell if the occasion is for sorrow or congratulations, and the world's hidden radiance slips through us.

Happiness, can you account for your whereabouts? Joy, explain the event in your own words.

City Lights Books : City Lights Pocket Poets

The morning light is sworn in as a witness. The sparrow sings on and on without end. The defense never rests. Humphreys regularly teaches writing workshops across the country and has served as writer-in-residence at Queen's University, the University of Illinois, and the North York Public Library. Fresno joins a rapidly growing list of cities and towns across the nation with their own official bards; in just the past few months, not only have Houston and Los Angeles established poet laureateships but so have Boise, Idaho; Key West, Fla.

Why now, though, remains something of a mystery. But his enthusiasm was tempered by worries over the proliferation of poets laureate. Does Fresno, for that matter? The rapid rise in poets laureate, especially in small cities and towns, makes it difficult to know their exact numbers.

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But according to the Academy of American Poets , at least 35 larger cities have poets laureate. In part, the increase could be the trickle-down effect of the doubling of statewide poets laureate in the past decade. Now, all but six states have poet laureateships, according to the Library of Congress. Interest in poetry has gone up, experts say, thanks to efforts by local libraries and arts councils, as well as wider programs like National Poetry Month , Poetry in Motion and Poem in Your Pocket Day.